Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Specialist Search Engines

Both Blinkx and YouTube have different content providers.
Blinkx's content providers are group by the subject provider and suprisingly YouTube is one of its content provider too.
For example, if you want to view about news, you will view videos from CNN, Fox News, ABC News and etc.
And YouTube's content providers are random people who have a YouTube account but there is probability that YouTube videos are not quite relevant to what the person wants to watch.

Apparantly, YouTube is internationally known that appears the results for the same topic is much higher compared to Blinkx.

I have to say that Google Books have a wide variety of magazines to choose from. I did not find many options to very helpful. When you click the List View at the left hand side after the search, the details of the magazine will appear before you. For example, the month, issue, no and the pages of the magazine. And when you click one of the magazine, on the left hand side, there is a box for you to hit what you want to search from the magazine. For example, in a Nutrition magazine, when you key in "nutrition for kids", the page and keyword for your search will be shown ang highlighted in yellow which is great for searching your preferred subjects in the right magazines.

Google Book Search is osmehow helpful when the patron wants to know if the story is popular by the shown rating in at the book overview page. Review from other readers will interest the patrons to get or not to get the particular book.

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