Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Google Web Searches

I searched for the same topic in all Google, Yahoo, Bing and Exalead and all search engines came out with different results.

Topic: bird flu

Google- 9,600,000
Yahoo- 59, 900, 000
Bing- 2,970,000
Exalead- 1,856,813

*When you go to exalead website, if you just click key in the topic into the search box, it will come out as "No result", so you need to scroll down till the bottom you will see "Try our World Wide Web search engine" and then you are able to search the topic*

I like the various Google options because I get to choose what I want for the topic I search. For example, I might only want to watch videos of them or maybe I just want the news. You can search the latest or even way back into history. I like the Wonder Wheel and the Timeline the most.
The Wonder Wheel shows the related sub topics to the main topic which is great for people who are brainstorming ideas for a particular project.
The Timeline shows news of the particular topic that was discussed over the years.

I think this is a great help for the librarians to use when they are helping their patrons to google something. Normally, librarians will just read the first few results on the long list of results, but if the patrons are looking for the particular search, for example, news about bird flu way back in 2004, librarians who are familiar with using the search options are able to search for the results immediately.

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