Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Searching Twitter

I used both basic search option and advanced search option for Healthy eating.
The results are:

Basic search option- 0.05 seconds

Advanced search option- 0.03 seconds

Even though advanced search option is quicker but both search options show the same results.
And the results are updated every second.

Realtime results for healthy eating

8 more results since you started searching. Refresh to see them.

I used three 3rd party Twitter search engines.

Twazzup- There is a highlight, ONLY ONE highlight. I don't know why it is there is a particular tweet that was highlighted. And there is real time updates for the tweets. On the blue bar: Real-time tweets, the right side will show, e.g. 26 TPH (It means 26 Tweets Per Hour)

#hashtag- When I typed "Healthy eating" it said

Search results for 'healthy eating'

Tag Results

Message Results

No messages found containing 'healthy eating'

so there is tag results of #healthy-eating but not message results.

Twoogle- Twitter + Google
This is awesome and unique because when you key in a keyword, the results will be divided in to two results: Twitter and Google

Again Twitter shows 0.05seconds whilst Google shows 1-10 results of healthy eating in 0.33 seconds.

Comparing Twitter Basic search option and Hashtag, Twitter search options highlights any words that relates to my keywords on tweets by twitter users. In Hashtag, the results shown are the related subjects that you key in.

For example, in Twitter Basic search option, you mean for the master cleanse or just healthy eating?
...going out to eat but, eating at home when u trying to be healthy. .
Both of the tweets appear in the results because they contain the words healthy eating, healthy or eating.

In Hashtag,
...#healthy-eating A Healthy, Natural Diet for Dogs
...#healthy-eating Wholemeal Bread – Bread Machine Recipe
...#Healthy-eating fight obesity in kids
The related results to healthy eating will appear.

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