Friday, November 20, 2009

Twitter and libraries

I have looked at the mentioned New Zealand libraries and overseas libraries which are on Twitter.

I think libraries are using Twitter as a bulletin board to"update" their patrons with the latest news and upcoming events in the library.

Some examples of information that libraries inform their patrons through Twitter are:
  • Library is closed for electrical works & carpet-fitting, from Fri 13th Nov to Mon 23rd Nov - more info please visit (the library website)

  • Pre school story time at (library name), 9am. All are welcome. Free admission. For more info, please visit (library website)

There are many followers of the libraries that use Twitter but I realised there are not many interactions going on on the Tweets the libraries used. And I realised that the format of the Tweets are short as apparently they can only fit into 140 characters long, so most of them include sentences like, "For more info, please visit (library website)".

Some libraries are using Tweets to deliver the book review of a certain book, but at the end of the tweet information, they include a website which links and opens up the blog of the reviewer who reviews the book and patrons read the book review from the blog of the reviewer.


Tweet for a library:

♥ MOVIE DAY FOR SENIORS. Laugh your way through a quiet morning with Ace Ventura at Northcote Library on Wednesday 25/11 at 10am.

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