Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Twitter an Introduction

The two links I went were:

  • Greenpeace
  • Cookbook
In their profiles on the right hand side, they are already putting their details and even a website link to their own homepage which is apparently promoting their own club or organization.

Greenpeace in Twitter is more like an updated news forum where people share what is happening around the world and the contribution of Greenpeace with evidence of website links in tweets. Many people leave comments and their comments replied by Greenpeace which involves quite a lot of interactions.

Cookbook mainly share recipes on their tweets. I find it quite hard to read because they have to cramp all the ingredients into 140 words in a line. Also, they are forced to use short forms which I really hate because sometimes one short form has many meaning and it is confusing. E.g. cool8h (I think it means cool for 8 hours) I think the ingredients should be written in a well structured list so that it is easy for the people to understand especially people who do not understand "short form English words".

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