Monday, September 28, 2009

Discovery Exercise (# 17): Web 2.0's Top 1000

I love Web 2.0's Top 1000 site.
I have never came across those websites that are helpful for sources of information.

I wanted to try Calender Hub but it did not work :(


My favourite website.
I have to admit that I check my facebook everyday.
If I am at home, I'll check it every few hours or madly every 30 minutes.
I really like facebook and all the applications.
Facebook is a social network site.
This is a very useful site to connect people all over the world.

You can upload photos and videos and tag your friends.
You can write on your friends' walls, comment on them and "like" them.
You can also share your feelings in the status bar. (My friend changes her status like every 10 minutes)
You can post applications in your profile.

There are so many applications in facebook for you to choose.
I like the quizzes and games.
Even though I know the results of the quizzes are not true, they somehow entertains me and make me laugh for not expecting the outcome of the results.
People are creating more and more quizzes, varies from "How kiwi are you?", "Which celebrity should you marry?", "What should your parents have named you?" and many many more...
You will just laugh with those psychology questions and results.

The current popular games are:
  • Farmville (and some other farming games; Sunshine Ranch, Barn Buddy and etc)
  • Mafia Wars (declare wars with friends or side your friends who are in a war)
  • Restaurant City (run a restaurant and trade ingredients with friends)
  • Mahjong (Chinese version only)
and many many more....

The games are so addictive. I am currently addicted to Farmville.
Expanding my farm. Growing potatoes.
Taking care of farm animals. Harvesting fruit trees.
I think I am like a part time farmer now!!

Recently, people uploaded childhood pictures from the past and tag everyone who is in the picture. Everyone who was tagged was glad to recall back the memories and connecting back to the people whom they have lost contact with. Suprisingly, after a "reunion" in facebook, they are actually planning to call a real "reunion", many friends who are studying overseas have report their attendance to the reunion which will be held at the end of the year.
*Something I do not like is people just tag you in whatever picture you are in even though you think that you look ugly in the picture*
Facebook helps me to keep in touch again with a 8-year long lost friend who is has immigrated to another country.

I know that North Shore Libraries have created a group in facebook.
Facebook will be an essential to NSL if the patrons or library staff are on facebook.
There is an event application which I think might be useful for NSL.
NSL can post up the event details that can be accessible to patrons and library staff.
What about posting up pictures and videos that were taken in library events to keep patrons and library staff "updated" of the happenings in libraries.
If patrons are in facebook, they can ask questions through live chat with the librarians who are on facebook as well.

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