Monday, September 28, 2009

Discovery Exercise (# 16): Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is similar to Microsoft Word.

Except that Zoho Writer:
  • can lists all your documents (personal and shared)
  • allows users to access to information on the word & character count, number of pages, author name and etc
  • enables users to view and compare the current and history of the document ( see specific changes and go back to version of your choice)
  • enables tags-as-folders
  • allows document to be post to blogs
  • allows your friends and colleagues to post comments in your document and vice versa
I think Zoho Write is easy so helpful. I can save the document and log in in future to view my document, how handy it is that I do not need to save the document to a memory stick. *It automatically saves the document from time to time, so there is no need to worry to lose a document*
Equation editor is helpful when you need to put maths in your document and there is the special character feature you can use in your document. You can insert pictures and emotion in your blog.

Zoho has many other features besides Zoho Writer.
Zoho CRM. Zoho Mail. Zoho Sheet. Zoho Wiki. Zoho Meeting. Zoho Notebook.
Zoho Planner. Zoho Chats. Zoho Share. Zoho Creator. Zoho Docs. Zoho Show.

I am using Zoho Planner now. It helps me to be more organised for my long list of things-to-do.
I have set an everyday remninder for me too!!

Also, I've viewed Google docs. I just realised this spreadsheet was used to check our progress for NSL Learn 23 Things. Easy to use and understand.

I have posted my document to my blog.
Here is the link:

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