Saturday, September 26, 2009

Discovery Exercise ( # 15): Rollyo

Even though it took quite a while loading Rollyo, I still find Rollyo is quite useful.

I love sharing websites in Rollyo and discovering websites other people share.
Other people might share websites that you never knew its existence.
It really helps.
One thing I learnt was your searchroll name must be creative that will draw wonders and curiosities of people to view your searchroll and tag your searchroll.
You will never be afraid to lose the websites you save and share in Rollyo
I find it really easy to use Rollyo.

Explore in Rollyo takes you to the Most Popular, Recently Added and etc searchrolls.
There are really many amazing discoveries in other people's searchroll.

Rollyo is simple, easy to use, just hit a keyword and a list of result will be shown matches your keyword. I key in the word "library" and my custom result was
"Matched about 2090000000".

I think libraries should get on to Rollyo. It is so much easier for patrons to get look up for sources of websites that might help them.


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