Saturday, September 26, 2009

Discovery Exercise (# 14): Library Thing

Library Thing is indeed a useful online catalogue for library users.
Just key in a word and a long list of books will appear before your eyes.
There are options where you can choose your books.
Amazon. Library of Congress. Or choose from 690 other sources around the world.
The results of your search will be very different.
*North Shore Libraries is one of data source in New Zealand in Library Thing*
There are so many exciting information on the homepage of Library Thing.
And you can be a Library Thing author. How fascinating!!

Librarians and book lovers communicate through the forum and group talk.
And there is author chats where Library Thing users can interact, discuss and ask questions about the books to the authors themselves. All wonders and curiosity will be answered. Isn't it wonderful?

Join Library Thing and they allow members to give away books for free to members willing to review them. This is an opportunity for librarians to do book reviews.

How interesting I found that Nelson Public Library and Palmerston North City Library are using Library Thing.

The link to my Library Thing:

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