Thursday, September 24, 2009

Discovery Exercise (# 13): Image Generators

I have tried FD Toys and Imagechef.
Both of them have a variety of different images to choose from compared to The Generator Blog and Letter James which I was not quite attracted to.

I chose to add an image from Imagechef because I found it quite interesting where I can add my choose and add my own design. I like it when I can express my creativity and get to choose the design I want. It is easy and fun.

There are many creations for you to express your creativity.
Just to name a few: Sketchpad, Word Mosaic, Football Jerseys, Banners and Video.
There are a variety of templates you can choose from: animation, photo frames, friendship, holidays, zodiac or even a plain template and you can upload your own photo.

Some of the my work:



Word Mosaic


I did a quick search on other image generators:

Image generator

Face in hole (This is quite fun)

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  1. Found a cool website from my friend's page!
    Check it out!!