Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#12): Learning 2.0 SandBox Wiki

I have to admit that Wetpaint is really fun!!!
After being a visitor to other websites, I am now a creator of my own website in Wetpaint.
Here is the link to my website:
Note: I have not thread any post.

I get to explore and see what websites do people create.
Suprisingly, most of them are ranged from TV shows.
And they have a TV Fandex 100 where the TV shows are ranked.
Note: Glee is currently ranked #1 on the Fandex!!

When a website is created, there are many sub- headings that categorised the information of the website. For example, in a TV show website, the category of the TV show information comprises of cast & characters, episode guide, news & spoilers, gallery and etc. The TV show fans love to share what they think about the show, characters and others and will thread all kinds of posts on the discussion forum and they always expect to get more than hundreds replies depending on how interesting their thread subject is.

It is interesting to see what other fans say about the TV show.
The "hottest" discussion in a TV show wiki is the latest episode of the TV show and how cute of some TV show wiki have a countdown timer for the next episode in their page.

It is great that Wetpaint allows people to edit information and put in their knowledge and what they think is relevant to the site. This helps the users to gain extra information from people who kindly share their experience and information of the specific topic.

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