Sunday, August 23, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#11): Wikis

For me, Wikipedia is a broad encyclopedia.

It came first on the search result after you hit search on the google bar.

How interesting that I never knew users can edit any page or to create new pages within the wiki website.

Using wiki to create online community is interesting. People from all over the world can exchange information with each other. They might share their, cultures, experiences, learning and findings as well as learning from other people at the same time. It does not only expand their knowledge but also their social and interaction development.

I have viewed some of the library wikis, and I like the wiki developed by St. Joseph County Library System. As the books are categorized into subject guides, it made easier for the library users. Also, library users get the opportunities to browse other subjects they can see on the same page which may never come across to their mind while browsing the subjects they are looking for. The other reason I like the wiki developed by St. Joseph County Library System is because when you clicked on any subject you want, they will come out other information they might be useful to you. For example, in the subject of gardening, you are able to find out the new gardening books, magazines on gardening, gardening tips which you might not even find in the book, community garden resources (farmer's market) and etc. And not forgetting the definitions and history of the subject that might interest many people.

The links to other information in wiki is an important and useful application within the libraries.

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