Monday, August 17, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#10) : Web 2.0

In the past, libraries are just places for people to sit and read.
Librarians used date stamp as a reminder of the due dates.
They used small cards to write down the patron's name, books they borrowed and etc.
And library users just go through the shelves for books where the subjects are sticking out at the shelves, not knowing the author, or the title of the latest books and etc.
That was way back.

In this era, when technologies were born, life made easier.
Library 2.0 is a great help to providing excellent services to the public.
With Library 2.0, it make things work more consistent, efficient and updated for both staff and library users.
The needs of library users are mostly met.
New Zealand libraries should be proud with the help of Library 2.0,
compared to under or still-developed countries that are still a distance from the world's technologies, Library 2.o might be a little advance to the libraries in those countries?
Library 2.0 to me is something so powerful that with just few clickings you are able to get the information you want. So easy and save time.

Library 2.0 is user-centered change that encourages constant and purposeful change, attempting to give a better serving to the library users. Technological advances have enabled libraries to create new services such as personalized OPAC interfaces, or downloadable media that library customers can use in the comfort of their own homes. This increase in available technologies gives libraries the ability to offer improved, customer-driven service opportunities.

Even though with the existence of Library 2.0, the ratio of patron-to-librarian dropped like what Rick Anderson said, but it still helped to cut the queues at the front desk which can helped the front desk staff to have serve good services to the patrons in front of them, not rushing them and serve the long queue customers.

I am aware that North Shore Libraries offer some computer lessons for people who are computer illiterate. Probably lessons on using the OPAC will help and encourage people to use the library especially the immigrants. And even though I am aware that most library books are in English, I am not sure if having a multi-lingual OPAC (something like the self check machines( will help library users whose English is not their mother language and yet shy to approach the librarians especially New Zealand society is becoming multicultural.

Library 2.0 is not just for librarians but also library users.
Maybe someday North Shore Libraries can have an interactive social network.
Library users can talk about books, sharing ideas and opinions with other library users online.
I have seen blogs about food. Just food. Just recipes.
Who knows there will be blogs about book recommendations. Just books.
How helpful would that be to our libraries.

I found a network for Library 2.0 stuff

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