Saturday, August 1, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#7.1): RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

I have seen this in websites and even in my cellphone but I never take notice of it until I have to do an exercise about it!

RSS is a bookmark for bookmarking websites I have been in the past. It is a good file format to get new updates without going into the webpage everyday just to search for new updates. There are heaps of sources to choose from; news, blogs and even podcasts. I refer Bloglines as a second "goggle" for it is a great help when I get to read what other people write about their opinions in their posts from all over the world without the need to know their name and their websites.

I think it is useful when I can bookmark all the websites I find useful especially when I can categorised the websites in different folders to make things easier. But, it might be helpful if the updates can be sent to my emails as I do not go on to bloglines as often as I do to my emails.

RSS might be useful for libraries to bookmark the webpages where they can get the latest updates of the new release books or the price lists of the books if the libraries purchase books online (Weekly deals in the UK or summer sales)
*if the websites have RSS feeds*

*I could not access the video RSS in plain English * :(

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  1. Some great suggestions there for using RSS feeds in libraries