Saturday, August 1, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#7.2): Search for RSS feeds

Locating the RSS in webpages is not easy.
When I was in a website, I was looking all over the page again and again just to find the word RSS. The RSS is somewhere in the page either at the left or right hand corner, at the top or right at the bottom of the page. You just need to look for it!!!
*Some websites do not have RSS still*

Look out for the following that might bring you to RSS feeds:
RSS, About Feeds, Blog RSS, RSS and etc.....

I prefer looking for the symbols of RSS than finding the word RSS because when I viewed one page that was full of words, I got so stuck in finding the RSS word wherelse the orange RSS ison sticks out in the page.

I find it easier to use Blogline's Search tool. All search result has a RSS feed whilst when I used Google blog search, in one of the result I was looking for does not have RSS feed.

I found something interesting while reading "Blogging for dummies".
Blogger uses an alternative feed link to the RSS format.
It is called Atom.
Atom works just like RSS feeds and Atom displays blog entries just like RSS reader feeds in a feed newsreader.
What you need to do is just simply put /atom.xml at the end of the person's blog address and you are able to find the feed for the person's blog and then you are able to subscribe the feed.


I also realised that when you click Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) at the bottom of a person's blog in blogger, you are able to find the feed of the person's post.

I am using Firefox Portable. On the tab where I type in the url address, I get to see if the website I am in has RSS feed or not. I just need to click on the RSS feed symbol shown at the top to subscribe to the website. I am not sure if there is something like that in Internet Explorer.


  1. Love all the extras on your blog. Have been inspired to adopt a bunny myself.

  2. This works! This floats! This rocks!
    Yes I agree about the RSS feed search - you'd think there would be a protocol about it by now. I wonder if it costs more to set up a feed - there are so many blogs or websites I would add to an aggregator if I could.