Friday, July 24, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#6): Technology

Technology. Two words to describe.
Modern but Complex

Technology checklist
:Cell phone:
:3 in 1 photocopier:
:Digital camera:

Today, technology is a must.
Everyone can be seen carrying at least one technology tool on the street.

The birth of technologies
are blooming like mushrooms after a rainfall.

Technologies have been a great help to me.
I love surfing the net and I can spend hours and hours sitting in front of my laptop.
I am able to keep myself updated about my friends in overseas and I actually found a long lost friend after 8 years over the net with the help of Facebook!
Since talking over the phone can cause radiation and hearing problems, I choose to either chat in MSN or talk over Skype and most of all, they are free!!!
A must for me: check emails, facebook and flickr everyday everyday everyday.

I dislike talking for more than 10 minutes over cell phones because I get headaches after the call ended.

MP3 must be with me when I leave the house, avoid boredom while walking alone and car honks.

Cheap deal of 3 in 1 photocopier instead of buying one scanner, one photocopier and one printer.
Having a 3 in 1 photocopier makes it easier for me while doing paper work at home and it is cheaper of getting a service of photocopying, printing and scanning in a shop.

I love using digital cameras especially when I can just delete, delete and delete the pictures I do not like. My digital camera can store up to hundreds of picture that capture my interests to take pictures of anything anywhere. I upload the pictures I take in my social networking websites and share them with my friends in overseas.

Note: Shelf check technologies in our libraries help to beat the queue at the front desk!

Modern technologies have been a great help for human even though.....

Modern technology owes ecology an apology
(Alan. M. Eddison)


  1. Excellent post. The technologies you mentioned opened up the world and made it so much easier to keep in contact. But like many human activities there is an environmental cost. Enjoyed your post.

  2. This was a great post way more complex than i would have been able to manage. The background music was a lovely touch.