Friday, July 24, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#5): Flickr mashups

I have a go on all the suggested APIs (application programme interfaces) and I spent a lot of time exploring the uses of them. They are all interesting as now I can upload creative mashups instead of ordinary photos in flickr.

The one I like the most is Big Huge Labs; Home of fd' Flickr Toys:

but a flickr account is needed for those who does not have one...

Big Huge Labs gives you a variety of choices to be as creative as possible to customized images into your desired creation.

Magazine cover

Mosaic Maker




and many many more.....

You can upload the "newly created image" into flickr immediately.

You can edit or start over again anytime until you are satisfied with the "created image".

Orders of the "created images" in prints can be made depends on the sizes of the prints.

This is a service where I think "Everyone can be an artist", expressing their creativity just by clicking the mouse.

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