Friday, July 24, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#4) : Explore Flickr

I actually have a flickr account after the persuasion of my friends with the reason of "keeping in touch" as they do not have other social networking accounts.

And when I first used flickr, I thought it was something like facebook where you can view more detailed information of the user, and after exploring what flickr really is, I realised it was for photos and videos as obvious and simple as in their slogan:

Shoot. Upload. Share.

There are millions and millions of photos to be viewed that might take years for a working bee. But viewing photos are made easier by searching for either in full text or tags. I personally prefer searching by tags, photos can be easily found if the word I enter matches the photo tags. Somehow I like the when you are able to add notes and also, photos can be added to map (where the photo was shoot etc..)

I simply like this photo of an old library.

It looks so ancient with the interior wooden design and the wallpaper of historical images on the wall. The natural lighting from the windows is perfect for manipulating library users' concentration and focus. Also, the few pieces of furniture in the setting looks comfortable.

The photographer revisited the library again after sometime. There some are tiny changes in the setting of the library.

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