Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reading Experience exercises

Have a conversation with one colleague and one customer about their reading, based on the question: "How do you choose your next book?"
Email your comment on the responses you got and what you learned from the conversation.

My colleague chooses her book from the return bins when she is doing the check-ins. Eye catching title captures her interests especially the contemporary readings about brain research, health etc. She also chooses her books from reading the reviews in the newspapers and takes the opportunity to browse and choose her books while shelving.

My customer chooses her book from browsing the website of the same author she likes especially series and check on our catologue to see if we have the book she wants. She also views the first/last pages of the book to check out the list of books that are coming out next.

Visit a new readers' advisory website or blog and post a comment on the blog about what you found and what you liked/disliked. Email a link to your comment.

This is a good website for choosing children's books. Customers are able to view their list of reading resources by Cool & New, Authors, Title of books, Books made into movies, Featured books, Books that are coming coon etc..
There is a review for every book. Most importantly, the book review shows that the book is suitable for certain age level children.
Something I think that this website should have is a subject search. For example, if a customer just wants to read about fictions in the outer space, he/she can just enter and hit the subject search of outer space fictions.
However, I quite like the newsletter where customers can subscribe to notify them the list of new books that are coming soon etc..
There are also some square boxes at the side which are eye-catching. There are like small ads that will bring you into their own websites of authors or series; introducing other books of their kind.

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