Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#2): Blogging

I'm quite into blogging recently especially when I am learning how to make the blog looks beautiful with pictures, music, chatbox (not in this blog) etc.

I have had many blogs in the past: Myspace, Yahoo 360, Xanga. You name it, I got it!
But I was never quite into blogging at that time because most of my friends do not own blogs but prefer social networking: MSN, friendster, facebook, yahoo messenger etc.. where you can play games, writing on each other's page, chatting and browsing on people's photos!!

I discovered how to uploade personal pictures in the configure header, however, the photos I have uploaded shows either at the side or in the center when I thought it will show in the full size of the configure header. I am sick of resizing the photos and uploading them again and again, at least five times in an hour.

There are still many things that I want to learn about blogging while using theis blog, such as discovering the gadgets provided and especially how to create your own icon for the blog!


  1. You are certainly off to an impressive start! Looking forward to all the interesting things you are going to do with this blog.

  2. Hey,
    Your Blog site is impressive to me, I have never even seen a blog before this WEB 2 stuff, love the music, cool song.
    The quiz, well one could spend some time on it!
    Wow, you have some experience in computer sites so will pick your brains for some guidance and travelling about.
    Keep it up.