Monday, December 7, 2009

File Converters

It is quite easy to upload the documents to Google Docs with the instructions.
I did it in two ways:
First way: When I clicked the given url, I can read the document straight away.
Second way: I saved the document and upload it to be read in Google Docs.
Resulting in the format of the file is a bit out of shape. There was a message saying "allowed files" which I am not sure if all sorts of files could be uploaded.

I tried Zoho Writer too and I personally prefer Zoho Writer to Google Docs. It is perfect for me.

I think this learning is important to the librarians. There are quite a few patrons who often shoot the "Why can't I open this thing?" question to the librarians.

There are many Chinese patrons who often come and asked us to read their saved files from their memory stick. And we always failed to open their files which was in Mandarin text. One thing that I always wonder: How can we convert and read the different languages files?

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