Saturday, November 14, 2009


OpenID= Convenience + Security
I like the video very much. The pictures explains it all.

An OpenID is an amazing user centric technology. Open ID is about learning the user and only the user controls his/her identity and how he/she proves it.

Never did I know that I actually have an OpenID after being a Google user for ages!!! Well, I have actually seen "OpenID" appeared when I commented on my friends' blogs and since I don't know what OpenID was at that time, I always address myself as anoynomous when I dropped comments on friends' blogs.

I only have to trust one site with my personal information and secrets which is the identity provider I choose. Moreover, with OpenID, I do not need to fill out the long irritating "sign up registration form" every time I want to become a member of a website which helps to save time.

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