Thursday, November 12, 2009

Online Privacy and Security

* Do you think the resources provided in this topic would be useful to share with patrons, family and friends?

Privacy and social networks video- I could not see the words int the video clearly but it gives detailed explanation of the privacy in social networks with diagrams and examples.

McAfee's 10-step internet safety plan is helpful guide for parents to discuss about online security with their children of different ages.

I have never heard of Keepass. After reading about the powerful password manager, I think it is a great tool for people who have zillions of accounts with different passwords and who cannot remember all the passwords.

One recommendation given in the password security- using mixed upper and lower case letters
This is a smart way of avoiding password hackers but I personally would not encourage people to use this. Once I have had a bad experience with a patron who used a mixed upper and lower case letters for her password. After creating patron a Pharos account, we went on to the photocopying machine as I was show her how to log in and use the machine. After keying in the username, she tried keying in her password. After many attempts, she still failed to key in the correct password. Apparently her partner and I were quite frustrated as we have been waiting and she kept insisting that she remembered her password and kept tryig. Finally, I advised her to change her password again and when she was at the desk, her partner asked her not to use a mixture of upper and lower case again!!

* What advice can we give our patrons about online security and privacy when they use the library’s online facilities (Pharos accounts, Your Info, Web account).

We should keep reminding patrons especially elderly patrons who share a computer at home with other people (not family) or use public computers, they have to ensure that they LOG OFF the computer after they finish using.

Do not share accounts with family members. Encourage patrons to get their own accounts.

I don't know if this helps: I have a university account which is a log in to viewing assessments, library info, personal details and etc. They encourage us to change our passwords every semester (6 months) to prevent password hackers. If patrons claim that they will forget their password easily, I realised that there is a function in the cell phone you can use to store your password.
*This only applies to Sony Ericsson phones, not sure if other phones have the same function*
  1. Phone menu
  2. Go to Organizer
  3. Press down to Code menu
  4. New Passcode- put 4 digits that you can easily remember (1234 will do)
  5. Repeat Code- type the same as New Passcode
  6. New Checkword- you can put a word you want to remember, e.g. password for email account (sunflower)
  7. Checkword: sunflower
So every time you can't remember your password, just go back to the instructions shown on top and key in the passcode (the four digits) and the checkword (password) will appear.

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