Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Discovery Exercise (# 22): Libraries and social networkings

I think social networkings is the best way for libraries to reach library users.
Like Beth Evans said, many people nowadays do not check their emails unless they know that they are expecting urgent emails.
When they go the web, first thing they check is their social networking sites.
To check what new photos their friends have posted, what new comments their friends commented on their walls, how their friends are feeling today (status), in short, "updates" of their friends.

It is a good thing that if libraries can get on to social network websites.
Using social networking, libraries are leading and supporting people to the use of technologies, which will work well with senior citizens who are learning to use the computers.
Libraries can announce events and information of the libraries and patrons can add comments. Moreover, both libraries and patrons can share what they think about the libraries, books, author and etc to enhance better relationships of libraries and patrons.
Librarians can enjoy socializing in social networking websites and this helps libraries to expand their knowledge to wider use of technologies and the world.

However, libraries might have to accept that people might write nasty things on their wall that is visible to everyone especially when a patron is not satisfied with his/her service that particular day.

I think libraries should get on to some social networking sites.
There is no harm, so why not try?
The account can be deleted if libraries want to get out of the social networking sites.

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