Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Discovery Exercise (# 21): MySpace and Facebook

Firstly I took a look at Auckland City Libraries and Rotorua Public Libraries bebo.
They are amazing. Apparently the libraries are socializing quite well with their patrons through networking.

I used to have MySpace but since it is not popular amongst my friends so I quit using.
Like Facebook, you can post photos and videos.
Something I like about MySpace is you can blog through MySpace.
And I found out that you can actually see how many posts you have posted, how many comments have you got and how many people view your posts.
MySpace has forum that enables to share ideas and there are many categorized forums:
  • Food & Drink
  • Business & Entrepreneur
  • Music
  • Religion & Philosophy
  • Fashion and many many more

Facebook. I have facebok myself.
In photos and videos, you can actually tag your friends.
I like the "events" application. This is an alternative way to invite people to occasions even though it is not so formal. All event details will be listed down clearly by the event organizer. And the Attending, Might Attend and Not Attending button allow the event organizer to know approximately the number of people who are attending the event. Isn't it helpful instead of people need to make calls to RSVP? Invited guests can also view the guest list to see if their friends are attending the events.
However, there are too many applications that sometimes frustrate me. Friends will keep inviting you to many many applications that always appear on the top right hand when you click "Home". I have to ignore ignore and ignore their application requests sometimes. And the applications are quite addictive, for example, games. You will keep on trying until you beat your friend's score. This is a waste of time even though it is quite fun!!

Last, I still prefer Facebook!

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