Sunday, August 16, 2009

Discovery Exercise (#8): Delicious is similar to Bloglines.

I found that Delicious is a little more complicated to use compared to Bloglines.
I took a while exploring Delicious and successfully bookmarked and tagged some websites.

I like it when I can read the comments by other people and see the number of people who bookmarked the post.
Because I can just view "the favourite" posts from the top list to see if I like it and bookmark it instead of scrolling all the way down and read random posts one by one.

I found the tagging tool is quite helpful as a research assistance. However, it will be hard for us to locate a tag if the person who used different words for the post.
For example, if we are looking for a green curry recipe.
And we key in curry as a tag whilst the person uses the words like spicy, simple, indian and etc.. then it will be hard for us to find the post we are looking for.

After exploring Delicious, I found that Delicious is a useful bookmarking site.
It is amazing to know that many libraries are using Delicious.

I've added Delicious and Bloglines network badge in my blog! Yeah!!

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