Friday, December 11, 2009

An author's perspectives

Book Browse- I am able to read bits and pieces about the author's profile through Book Browse which is great. It shows how the author get the inspiration to write the book and also other famous books by the author.

Open Books- I get to know many new authors through this website introduction of the authors who wrote different types of books; from fiction, non-fiction to poetry. There is also interviews with the authors and blogs about the full details (price, author, pages) and the summary of the books which gives me an overview about the book before I read the book.

The Paris Review- I was attracted by the classic design of this website. This isa helpful site for patrons who are wanting to browse the interviews with the authors they desire by the year index of 1950s to 2000s or by the name in alphabetical order. There is also an audio preference interview with the authors which is great for patrons who are auditory learners.

I think it is very useful if we can introduce the websites to the patrons. Besides new books displayed, the patrons can check out the author's profile and read about their interests. Open Books is a great website for the patrons to acknowledge the new authors and their books. The patrons are able to experience a different taste of books by the new authors.

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